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The Journal of Rabbi Levy Wang

1937 China; the Japanese Imperial Army is chewing up China. Three middle-aged friends, Westerners, who have lived in China for decades, are about to lose everything to the onslaught.... Leave China or die. As their world is collapsing around them, Harry, a fur trader from New York, Mischa, a Russian whose family had moved over the border from Siberia to Harbin when he was a young man, and Mendel, a Rabbi from Germany, learn that a race of Chinese Jews are about to become victims of a German and Japanese alliance to acquire a valuable ruby which supposedly is in their village of Kaifeng. The three friends decide to embark on one last adventure before leaving China, to save the Jews of Kaifeng and the jewel. Can they reach Kaifeng before the alliance bent on the destruction of the village gets to them? It is a race across 1937 China, through Japanese controlled territory, Chinese bandits, and countless dangers and obstacles. Finding the ruby, also, will not be easy, as the jewel disappeared in 1916, the only clues to its location written in a cryptic, twenty year old diary written by a disillusioned Chinese Rabbi; the “Journal of Rabbi Levy Wang.” As well as the Japanese and the Germans, the adventure becomes deadlier as the pursuit is joined by an opium-dealing mobster from San Francisco, as well as the murderous “Empress Wu” and her army of goons. Has Harry, Mischa, and Mendel attempted more than they can pull off? Will they survive the deadly race to warn their friends and find the jewel? As well, the window of opportunity for foreigners to get out of China before the country is shut down completely by the Japanese Army is rapidly closing. Will they be able to leave China before facing execution or internment? The three friends are tested to the extreme.

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The Witch of Wanchai

When Hong Kong detective Ian Hamilton links the disappearance of Indonesian domestic helpers to the body of a Burmese man found sprawled on the floor of a Wanchai bar, so begins Ian’s pursuit of The Witch.... In a dangerous chase through some of the world’s most exotic locales; the decadence of Hong Kong’s underworld, the steaming jade mines of Myanmar, and the seductive urban labyrinth of Japan, Ian’s career, as well as his life, are in jeopardy. He follows The Witch’s trail of murder, cannibalism, and international jade smuggling.

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A Devil in Hong Kong

On a snowy day in the year 889, Emperor Wu of the Han Dynasty had an epiphany: he was not immortal.... His jade carver created the most beautiful jade burial suit in history, finishing just three weeks before the Han Emperor died. When the priceless two-thousand-year-old jade burial suit suddenly goes missing in modern Hong Kong, a brutal competition to find it ensues between rival Chinese, Burmese, and Japanese factions. As they battle for the priceless artifact, a psychotic killer with a Maori tattoo on his face surfaces leaving a trail of dismembered corpses strung together like traditional Burmese puppets. Detectives Ian Hamilton and Angela Cheung follow a trail of hacked bodies and terror through contemporary Hong Kong in their search for the killer.

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The Odyssey of a Dead Gweilo

When the body of a Westerner is found in an obscure Hong Kong museum, Hong Kong homicide detectives Angela Cheung, Ian Hamilton, and Nigel Ho identify the victim as bareknuckle boxer and singer in a Celtic band, Clovis O’Sullivan, an English gypsy Traveler who had recently arrived in Hong Kong with three friends. ... Clovis’ body, however, briefly comes back to life on the autopsy table. He was not dead. He had been in a drug-induced catatonic trance. By the time he came back to consciousness, the coroner had already opened him up: death by autopsy. Hong Kong homocide detectives Hamilton, Cheung, and Ho have their most intriguing case yet, and a chase that leads to Western China and the Celtic mummies of the Taklamakan desert.